What is the minimum and maximum age for scuba diving ?

Children from 8 yrs old (with parental consent) can participate in a Discover Scuba Diving program and there is no age limit providing the person is medically fit.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

Confidence in the water is desirable. However, you are not required to be a strong swimmer in order to participate in normal scuba diving activities.

How deep are the dives?

Discover Scuba Diving programs are limited to 6 metres. Children dive no deeper than 4 metres. We have a selection of dive sites ranging from a comfortable 8 metres to 30 metres depending on the experience level of the divers.

Is it safe?

Safety is a priority at LAGOON SAFARIS. Divers are always accompanied by a qualified instructor or divemaster. Divers are appropriately briefed in English or French before each dive and the sites are selected according to the weather and tidal conditions and the experience level of the divers.

Do I need my own equipment?

You can bring part or all of your own equipment. LAGOON SAFARIS is a registered BEUCHAT dive centre with a complete range of modern, well maintained dive gear for rental.

What is the distance to the dive sites?

The Church bombie, which is a favourite site for single dive trips and entry level dives, is just a short 2 minute boat ride from the dive centre. Our main dive sites range from 3 to 14 miles from the dive centre with the average distance around 6 miles (a 15 to 30 minute boat ride depending on weather conditions).

What is the water temperature?

The temperature varies from 24°C in winter to 27°C in summer with extremes of 23°C and 28°C.

How do I start?

All you need is a current medical certificate (an appointment with a sports medical practitioner can be arranged by our staff) and an identity photo for PADI courses.